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Net Solutions, Maryland 410 876 3956

Hosting by Net Solutions of MD

Web Hosting services run on top-of-the-line Dell Poweredge hardware with redundant RAID drives, quad-CPU power, and ample RAM to ensure your applications respond with blazing speed and reliability. The network gives us the reputation of being a top-rated provider of server and networking services provider. The network is fully-redundant and our administrators are continuously fine-tuning our infrastructure to ensure high-performance and provide maximum uptime for your web services.

Scripting Support
Each web hosting account includes advanced scripting support for applications based onASP, ColdFusion, ASP.NET, PHP, or CGI. We also allow custom components, tags, and .DLL registration. All this provides you with the flexibility and options to rapidly build and deploy powerful Internet applications. Our MS SQL 2005, 2008 and MySQL 5 database servers allows for a dynamic back-end for your web applications.

Web messaging allowing users to enjoy a cost-effective alternative to Microsoft Exchange. Features include a rich web-interface with AJAX controls which enables drag-and-drop messages, right mouse-click support, and a unified messaging appearance.


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